don’t blink at lighthouse 2019

Double D’s very weird film DON’T BLINK will be screening as an official selection at the 2019 Lighthouse International Film Festival! This will be the third year in a row that I’ve screened work at this amazing festival run by people who love and care for independent filmmaking. Check back for screening times at the festival that runs June 6 - 9 on Long Beach Island, NJ.

that’s a load of bull!

Back in March, I filmed episode 321 of CBS’s “Bull”. Everyone on set was very nice. I had a speaking part, but my lines were cut. I still acted the $h!t out of my scenes though, so if you want to see a very emotive jury foreperson, tune in.

Film fests this spring!

If you can travel back in time, and also to Seattle, you can catch the premiere of DON’T BLINK at the 2019 BoneBat Film Fest. This film that I directed and co-created with my partner in DOUBLE D, Nannette Deasy, screened on April 13 to a sold-out crowd! Obviously I couldn’t be there, but Beeker was there in spirit. Seriously. He’s just a spirit now. He can go anywhere, even Seattle.

If you can travel back in time, but Seattle was a stretch, you could have seen PORTRAIT OF A CATFIGHTER at the inaugural Feline Film Festival at the Brooklyn Cat Cafe on the same day as BoneBat, April 13 (my mom’s birthday!) This film stars my mom Ellen Dorse, along with her cats Fiona (R.I.P.) and Chinda. Even though it was her birthday and she would have been treated like a celebrity at the festival, my mom wanted to stay in NJ to celebrate the big day. Who doesn’t love a Jersey birthday?

Now, if you live in NYC and can travel to the future (anyone can, with patience!), you can check out DON’T BLINK at the
2019 Bad Film Fest in Brooklyn. Don’t let the name deter you! There are several mediocre films in the line-up.

DON’T BLINK at the Bad Film Fest
Friday, April 26

Cloud City
85 North 1st St.
Brooklyn, NY

make sure to buy a ticket for my specific date and time!

Finally, I’m beyond thrilled to announce that a short film I wrote and directed was named an official selection in the Frankie Shaw Comedy Short Challenge at the 2019 Women in Comedy Festival! LE MEOW MORT is one of only five films chosen for this challenge. It’s screening at the festival in Boston, where there’s a secret fountain of Boston Creme hidden in the walls of Faneuil Hall, and if you stick your hand in it at midnight, a pie bites back.

Saturday, May 4

Brattle Theatre
40 Brattle St.
Cambridge, MA


DOUBLE D at the NYC improv festival!

Double D, the two-prov team consisting of Nannette Deasy and yours truly, will be headlining a show at the 2019 NYC Improv Festival!

We’ll be performing our improvised show REJECTS ANONYMOUS, where we use audience stories of rejection to create a cast of lovable losers in a 12-step meeting for those who experience chronic rejection. And like any good 12-step meeting, there will be donuts!

We’re proud to be splitting the bill with improv team Kermit’s Flailing Arms.

Sunday, March 24

(Underground stage)

123 East 24th St., between Park and Lex