*two shows. Also I have a film screening if you look at the very bottom.

The short story is that Nannette Deasy, Jaime Fallon, and I are going to be at the PIT Loft to do some improv. Want to hear the long version? No problem. The PIT had emailed people with some open spots for the week of July 4th, and since I have no plans cause I hate people and crowds and fireworks and the sun and humankind has been toiling for millennia to BE INSIDE. Anyway, I was like, hey I should take this opportunity to do some soloprov, because a few weeks ago I saw a sign that said “Comfort is a slow death” and it really woke me up to resume doing scary things, like doing improv alone in front of an audience. But then I was like, let’s ease into this. So I invited two of my favorite improvisors to join me. We’ll each get to do a bit of soloprov, but then we’ll come together and do, at most, three-prov. Don’t you like to know how many people to expect doing improv?

Tuesday, July 2

The PIT Loft
154 West 29th St.
between Sixth and Seventh

If you’re busy* on July 2, you can still see me do some improv the very next night. Hey, great for you! I’ll be performing once again with Nannette Deasy, my partner in our two-prov group DOUBLE D. We’re doing our hour-long show REJECTS ANONYMOUS. Sure, it’s slightly structured, but believe me it’s all improvised. I know this because I’m too lazy to write anything.

Wednesday, July 3

The PIT Loft
154 West 29th St.
between Sixth and Seventh

*you don’t have to tell me why you’re not going to my improv show. I know. We all know.

stuff happened!

A lot of stuff happened this spring.

Instantly peaking with a co-star role on ep. 321 of BULL, my shooting star quickly leveled off as I found myself booking a bunch of internal corporate stuff for medical companies. Not that I’m complaining. All of these shoots required me to wear business casual clothing.

But the “meh factor” doesn’t stop there. As a filmmaker, I had a nice ride to obscurity on the festival circuit. DON’T BLINK, my short film about a staring contest with a cat, appeared in the BoneBat Comedy of Horrors Festival, the Bad Film Fest, and Lighthouse International Film Festival. All lovely festivals with lovely people. I won nothing.

My other cat-based film, LE MEOW MORT, shined a bit brighter by being accepted as one of five films at the Women in Comedy Festival back in early May. Such nice people. Again, I won nothing.

My other other cat-based film, PORTRAIT OF A CATFIGHTER, was in the Feline Film Festival at the Brooklyn Cat Cafe. The irony of this is that my mom is the star of the film, and the festival took place on her birthday, and what better way to celebrate a birthday than witnessing yourself on screen in front of a ton of people, or so says this attention-seeking narcissist (me, not my mom). Anyway, she wanted to Netflix and chill at home in NJ, which in old people lingo means knitting and watching QVC. I had gone to NJ for her birthday, so I wasn’t about to abandon her to attend the festival. I won nothing (except for another birthday with my momma. Don’t worry, she’s not sick or anything. I just love my momma.)

Back in March, if anyone can even remember that stupid month, I performed in the NYC Improv Festival, along with my sterling improv partner Nannette Deasy as DOUBLE D, our two-prov group. We performed our full-length show REJECTS ANONYMOUS and the audience loved it as far as I remember how it all happened.

Oh, one thing that’s actually coming up that you can go to and DOESN’T INVOLVE CATS OH MY GAWD is a screening of my very first short film THE SKULL. It’s at the Slipper Room, a cool place I’ve never been to because they don’t allow cats inside.

Monday, July 1
Doors at 7pm / Show at 8pm

The Slipper Room
167 Orchard St.
(entrance on Stanton St.)